My Weight Watchers Journey (So Far)

Before I get started, this is a post to tell you an update on how this new journey of mine is going. If it’s not for you, that’s perfectly fine, and I completely respect that. So I’d ask that you’d do the same to me and respect what I share on here. Also, I’m not a professional, but I do have some history in nutrition with taking a few classes on the subject in college.

That knowledge has helped me make better choices and helped me make better well rounded meals while doing this program. I’m not restricting myself of healthy fats, healthy carbs (yes, there are healthy carbs your body needs, which people definitely are mislead by with all the “no-carb diets”), and some sugars (mainly in fruits). I’m just allowing myself to better portion them out, which in turn will help me in the future.

So with that being said, let’s dive into what you all came for.

Like most people, I’ve tried many types of “diets”. But one thing I’ve loved about my weight watchers journey is that it’s not just a diet. It’s a lifestyle change. The program is set up perfectly to keep you “portion-smart” for the rest of your life. It’s not just a fad diet. I’ve seen many success stories so naturally I wanted in on this success. I’ve also had family members and friends who have had success with it, so I knew it was something good.

Of course, if you saw my journey announcement post you’ll know that I joined this with a goal in mind. That goal being a trip to Hawaii. Heck yea I wanna be able to wear a cute swimsuit on the beach with my hubby! And that’s just the goal I have in mind. That’s my drive. Well that and also going on a hike when I’m there, because who doesn’t like the awesome idea of going on a tropical hike??

But in a year, who knows what weight I’ll be. That’s why I’m just going to try my hardest. That’s all I can do. There will be ups and downs. There will be days I’ll have a big fat cheeseburger. But that’s ok, I’ll eat it, track it, and then move on.

One important thing when starting a lifestyle change is to NEVER beat yourself up for something. That’ll only set yourself up for failure. And no one wants that. Failure is just not welcome here (specially when it has to do with bettering yourself).

So after doing this for a little over 3 weeks, I’ve come up with a few things I’ve found that have helped me stay pretty much on track.



My quick and easy Must-Haves:

  1. Premier Protein Drinks. (2p)
    • great substitute for creamer in your coffee (protein coffee), also good on their own.
  2. Quest Bar (4-5p/point value varies per bar)
    • great for a quick-grab snack, with lots of protein, to tie you over until your next meal
  3. True Lemon/True Lime drink mix (0p)
    • great if you’re someone like me who cant stand drinking plain water
  4. Skinny Pop (3p)/Pirates booty (4p)/ Smartfood Popcorn (4p)
    • quick snack or healthier alternative for movie night
  5. Reduced fat String cheese (2p)
    • great for rolling ham or turkey around and eating for a light lunch or snack
  6. Turkey Bacon/ Jalapeno Turkey bacon (1p/slice)
    • great for breakfast or to wrap around cheese strips
  7. Cucumber “chips” with Fat Free Ranch (1p)
    • healthy alternative to chips and dip and just as, if not more, delicious!
  8. Fat Free Ranch (this is a huge MUST)
  9. Two ingredient dough! (point value may vary)
    • great for making homemade bagels or pizza dough
  10. Halo Top Ice Cream (YES you read that right, ICE CREAM!)
    • perfect for that sweet tooth/dessert craving moment
  11. Apples
  12. Bananas
  13. Grapes
  14. Mixed veggies (frozen)

These are my top favorite to make sure I always have on hand. Otherwise I tend to just wing it with meals by using whatever I have in my fridge.

(On my Instagram page @thecomplimentaryhousecook I post daily any lunch or snacks I have, for inspiration.)




I guess you can also call this a Must- Have item.

I can’t tell you how much I LOVE my fitbit charge 2. This thing is amazing. Not only has it motivated me to get out and get steps, but it’s also challenged me to get the same amount of goal-steps a day or more. It can sync to your phone and the app has many tools to help better your exercise plan. There’s daily challenges, challenges you can do with friends who also have a fitbit, and workout programs. It has up to a 4 day charge and can easily be charged over night so you’re set for the coming days.

Fitbit Charge 2 -click here




So here is a current photo of my scale right now. Yes, I taped this note there to 1. remind myself not to beat myself up if at the end of the week if I don’t see the weight I was expecting, 2. because I think it’s beyond important to remember that your weight doesn’t define you and 3. because I’m trying my hardest and if I’m feeling better, that’s most of the battle.

I would highly recommend everyone to do this. Believe me, it really helps on those tough days.  And why wouldn’t you want to see positive motivation from yourself?


Documenting the Journey



One of the best things I’ve done this time around is start a journal. A journal where, weekly, I will track it all. I’ll be writing down my typical foods that I’d chosen that week, what exercise I got, any notes or feelings I had that week (was the week hard for me, easy, or how I was emotionally because that can change your eating habits without you realizing it) and of course how much weight I lost that week.

This is so I can look back and see if certain foods helped, how moods affected my eating habits, if it was that time-of-the-month and how that affected things, how exercising was going/ what I was doing and just as an overall reference for myself and my doctor as well. It’s also another outlet for me to personally see my progress. I’m writing all the juicy details, but I know it’ll work best for me.

Here are some  examples from the first 3 weeks of the program:

week 1

ww first week

week 2

ww second week

week 3

ww third week


These are all things that I’ve found to push me further and further towards my goal. I’m absolutely loving the journey so far. And I’m proud I’ve stuck with it this long! After all I’m currently on WEEK 4 which is crazy for me to believe.

I’m hoping that whether you’re on a program or eating healthier, you’ll find motivation in this post to keep going. And always know you can email or contact me on social media for other helpful tips and tricks. I’m just a “send button” away!

If any of you are into eating healthy, comment below some ideas you have. I’m always open to new ideas or food options and I love hearing from you guys!


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