Kitchen Finds

First, grab a cup of coffee, glass of wine (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere right?), a glass of lemonade, a glass of tea or whatever your fancy is, because this post is a long one!

I’ve been currently on the search for items for my home studio/office, as well as some props for photos and serving dishes.

I had asked on my social media if you guys would want a blog post on these items and you all said you wanted to see some of my “Kitchen Finds”.

So here you have them! If you want me to make this a regular thing, where every so often I do a “haul post” collectively, like this post and comment below. I’d be more than happy to do so!


So let’s get started!

Spices and Vinaigrette

Spices, seasoning, vinaigrette, and more. PASS THEM ALL MY WAY!

I love finding specialty seasonings that are unique to a specific place. There’s none like them, so it makes you have to go visit that place again to find them. That could be a hassle to some, but to me, it means more memories. And each time you go, you can take a new family member or friend and make new memories. So really it’s a win/win.

For the Raspberry Vinaigrette and the spices click here. This is the place in California where I got them.

For a similar Raspberry Vinaigrette click here.

Click here for a similar curry seasoning.

For Pink Himalayan Salt click here.


Cutting Boards

Cutting boards. Where to begin?

I LOVE them! That’s basically it.

Well ok, that isn’t just it. As I’m sure you’ve seen, walking down the isles in the kitchen section at the store, cutting boards come in so many varieties. There’s bamboo, maple, birch, cherry, oak, walnut, mahogany, and even a combination between two or more.

The ones I have pictured above are Bamboo. I love how you can see the different colors of the grains, which adds a little artistic value in itself.

They can be used for cutting up foods or as a way to have fun displaying recipes.

If you’d like to see a post on that, comment below.

I also recommend wood cutting boards because they are easier on your knives!

I found this set of 3 cutting boards at a discount store, but for a similar set click here


Cheese Boards


Is it weird to say that other than cutting boards, cheese boards are some of my favorite things in the kitchen?

With different types of woods, they can be displayed on your counter as decor or they can beautifully display a master piece sandwich or an arrangement of cheeses and grapes.

I scored this one, on a trip a few weeks ago, at a little shop in Mariposa, California. I love going to small towns and finding hidden gems. It creates memories with loved ones and you find really neat things, that you otherwise wouldn’t.

For two different cheese boards similar to mine click here and click here.


Wooden Utensils



I’m the type of cook that prefers cooking with wood utensils over plastic ones. There’s just something I love about the rustic look. I got this set for a very reasonable price and I’m absolutely in love with them. In fact I actually own at least 3 sets of wooden utensils (fellow cooks would understand, we get suckered into having multiples of things).

For the exact set of wooden cooking utensils click here.



Bright Plates


Bright plates are definitely a statement piece. They can also help set the mood. I like to use bright plates during the spring and summer because they just feel happier than just a plain white plate (but don’t get me wrong, I LOVE plain white plates).

If you’re serving up a bright dish like a salad or a egg dish, the yellow of the yolk really stands out. Also if you serve a dish garnished with some greens those will also pop against the bright colors.

I scored this plate at a thrift store but it’s by one of my favorite brands The Pioneer Woman.

For this exact plate (which is actually part of a set) click here.


Presentation Platters/Plates


I’m big on presentation. You know that saying “you eat with your eyes first”? Well it couldn’t be more true.

You could make the most unpleasant meal, but if it’s presented in a certain way, people would never know it was unpleasant (now there’s an idea for April Fools day! haha).

But in all seriousness I’m a firm believer in presentation. And you don’t have to be good at it! practice makes perfect. That’s why I love fun shaped plates like the one pictured above. Just the style of plate can elevate a dish.

I couldn’t find this exact plate because I got it at a discounted store, but below I will have some similar options linked.

For one option click here.

For another option click here.


Colorful Bowls


Bowls with cute patterns spice up the mood when serving.

These bowls are great for anything from soups to dips, or sauces to salsas.

For this exact bowl click here.



Napkins I believe, are a crucial item when setting the mood for a meal.

Do you want your guests to feel like they’re at a small bistro in Paris or at a high end restaurant and winery in Tuscany?

Well you might just be at your home, but the little details are actually big. I love when not just the food, but the surrounding decor sets the mood and takes me somewhere.

I picked up these napkins for spring and summer time at a local Goodwill and at a shop in Mariposa Ca.

Similar option one, click here

option two, click here

options three, click here



Candles are a staple in my home, as well as my kitchen.

For the kitchen, I like to go with either a fruity scent or a floral scent for spring and summer (during the fall and winter I like the warmer scents like baked goods or spices).

These are also nice to have even when not cooking. Because, to your guests it’ll smell like your a slave to your kitchen around the clock, even when you aren’t.

I scored these scents at a discounted store, but here are some similar ones:

option one, click here

option two, click here




Lastly, Cookbooks.

Cookbooks are so versatile in the kitchen. They can be used for cooking (duh), decoration on the counter top, or for pure inspiration!

Which is what I love them for, inspiration. You can learn a lot more from cookbooks than just recipe after recipe. With some, you can learn how the chef, who created the book, got started in the culinary industry. Or you can learn the life behind the chef, “why do they like these recipes?” and “how do they fit into their daily lives?”

I could read cookbooks all day. They’re very underrated books.

These I won’t link, because most of them were found on Amazon. And Amazon can easily be used to find all of them.


I hope you found inspiration in these “Kitchen Finds” and if you want further info or more help, feel more than welcome to comment below or contact me through email or social media!


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