Rosemary Crusted Pork Tenderloin


Tonight’s dinner consisted of Rosemary Crusted Pork Tenderloin with Candied Carrots and mac and cheese (not pictured).

EXCELLENT recipe for the pork and very easy to do!

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This is my second time cooking pork from scratch. Meaning I didn’t use one of those already seasoned or already marinated in the package ones.


Introductions…. Are they Necessary?

My name is Georgia. I’m a 24 year old living in California. I was recently married last year to the love of my life. I’m currently saving up, with my husband, to buy a house. One of the key things I want in my future home… A HUGE kitchen.

As you can guess by the name of this blog; The Complimentary House Cook, I love to cook.  As most of you have probably heard when watching those cooking shows on The Food Network, they all started cooking at a young age.  Well, no surprise here. So did I.

I started having an interest in cooking when my dad and I used to watch Nigella Bites late at night (late for a 5-6th grader of course, so about 8pm haha) and also Bobby Flay’s shows with all his backyard BBQing.  I guess you could say it was something my dad and I liked to do.

The older I got the more interested I was in culinary. Like most beginners I started out with tons of trays of HORRIBLE chocolate chip cookies and pasta dishes with way too much salt. But I give my parents TONS of respect because you know what they did?? They ATE IT! They could see how proud I was of the end product (even though there were a few times I accidentally replaced sugar with an absurd amount of salt for the cookies) and they never let me see them spit it out. Or the horrid look on their faces. They just encouraged me to try following a recipe.

I will fair warn you, sometimes I do not use recipes. THERE, I said it. WHEW. Glad to get that out of the way! But in all seriousness, that’s why I love cooking. You can either follow a recipe or not. The cops won’t come find you and take you to jail if you don’t. It’s all chemistry experiments anyways, right?? A little of this, mixes with a little of that, and BOOM you have something that tastes amazing (or not, but its just an experiment).  Cooking allows you to show yourself through something that can be enjoyed by many. And that’s another reason I love it so much.

In this blog I plan to share all the many recipes that I try, Ideas I have about cooking, and anything else that could possibly be put in a food blog.  So join me on this journey as we Uncover the next Dish!