Brussel Sprouts, “Smell What!???”


OK, I know this is probably one of the most dreaded vegetables in the culinary world. I COMPLETELY understand that. They smell funky, and they look like tiny little heads of cabbage that won’t amount to anything in life. But for those of you who like to live life on the edge and try new things, then here is a post for you!

I used to hate the idea of Brussel Sprouts. Everybody I know absolutely despises them.  But one day, back when my husband and I lived in our apartment, I got the bright idea to try them (or so I thought was a bright idea). I hopped on my laptop and started tapping away at the keys in search of a recipe that would make these “awefull” little green things possible taste decent.

Finally after MUCH searching I found a recipe that I thought could possibly be the trick! And I was RIGHT!

Oven Roasted Brussel Sprouts are the way to go! SERIOUSLY! They tasted amazing.

Now, I will always still keep in mind that they might not be for everyone. But they are healthy for you. So if you’re feeling daring enough, try this recipe out! (linked bellow).

Who knows, maybe it’ll change your mind too!



(I took the liberty of also adding a little bit of honey to sweeten the Brussel Sprouts and that did just the trick to take it that extra mile!)

Author: thecomplimentaryhousecook

Just like with food, I like to find the things that Complement life. That’s why here at The Complementary House Cook, I’m sure you’ll find something that complements yours! So join me on this journey to Uncover the Next Dish!

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